Hey all,

Hope you all had a wicked holiday period, and the boredom of ‘real life’ hasn’t got you all too down.

My 2013 has, up until today, consisted of nothing more than detoxing and hitting the gym. It’s very easy in this line of ‘work’ to fall into a junk food and booze lifestyle. I’m starting the year by kicking both of them to the kerb. No booze for 8 days, and no unhealthy food either.

I’d like to say I feel better for it, but insomnia, and toothache have put pay to any feelings of healthiness I may have expected.

Anyway, today was the first music related thing I did. I had to travel to Manchester to meet a music journalist and lay myself bare. I always worry about interviews, as often, the piece has already been written prior to meeting. They then fit the words around their preconception. Sometimes good, sometimes bad.

This chap seemed like a very nice bloke, so my weariness seemed unfounded. But, when you’ve been burned and all that! The amount of times I’ve picked up papers, or looked at online fanzines and thought, I never fucking said that!!!

Like I said though, nice bloke this time. Phew!

I have a really busy year, with plenty of tours and live appearances. We’re just waiting for a lot of confirmations, and the gig page will fill up accordingly.

Bizarrely, I’m also playing a large supporting role in a film, due to be shot this year. In fact, the America based part of the film may even be being filmed already. I’m not sure. I’m an ‘orrible English bastard in it anyway. Looking forward to breaking my acting teeth.

Hope you’re all well. x

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