Beat Up Fiasco…

Hello all,

Today was meant to be the release date for the single, Beat Up.

Every time we’ve released anything with itunes, there has been an issue. With the album, they put it up earlier than we agreed, and with the ‘What’s Love Without Meaning?’ single, they put it up late.

They’ve truly excelled themselves this time though. They put the single out on the day we agreed…but only 8 seconds of it.

If you buy my single, from any of the online download sites, you’re paying 89p, for an 8 second clip. So PLEASE don’t buy it.

The B side, Beat Up (Live at Wembley) is absolutely fine.

Itunes have said they never edit tracks, so my label must have sent them an 8 second clip. This is a lie, and provably so.

My label are considering legal action.

I don’t want to be a paranoid bloke, but when they cause issue EVERY single time I release anything, you have to wonder.

So there you go. Sorry about this.

I’ll have a music video up for the track in the next few days.


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