Hey all,

Yesterday I did a photoshoot on the Isle of Wight with Tim Pritchard.

He’s currently editing through the images, but has managed to pop a few up on his website.

Tim Image 1

To check them out, click onto


Competition Winner!

Hey guys,

Thanks a lot to everyone that entered the ‘Gareth Looks Stupid’ competition.

Me and the guys did have quite a laugh looking through the images!

But as always, there can only be one winner. And as gross as the mental image is, it did make me laugh the most.

‘Just Nick’ came up with this masterpiece.

Gareth Competition


Congrats mate. The CDs are on their way.


Story Time Festival…


Confirmed to play the Storytime Festival at Antwerp Mansion, Manchester, on August 4th.

Mega happy to be playing.

I’ll let you know more details when I have them.


Isle of Wight Festival.


I am lucky enough to have bagged 4 separate performances at this years Isle of Wight Festival.

Here are the details…

Thursday 13th June (7:40pm) @ Zebra Bar & Champagne Garden. 

Friday 14th June (5pm) @Life’s A Beach Stage.

Saturday 15th June (2pm) @Life’s A Beach Stage.

Sunday 16th June (6pm) @ Zebra Bar & Champagne Garden.

Come and say hello if you’re about.





Hey folks,

I was trying to think of a competition today, and nothing was coming into my brain.

I mean I could always do the “What was Gareth’s first band?” nonsense, but who gives a shit? Not me.

To be honest, I felt like a bit of an idiot because I couldn’t think of an original competition, and then suddenly one hit me.

Why don’t I get you all to make me look like an dickhead?

You can use Photoshop, Paint, Gimp, or given just draw a picture and email it in to us.

I want to look as gross, stupid, weird, bizarre, creepy, as possible.

The winner won’t be judged on their photoshopping skills necessarily, after all, we’re not all graphic designers!

The winner will be judged on what basically makes me and my label, laugh the most. So try and be original!

What do you win I hear you ask?

You’ll win a copy of both my albums, and my latest single, What’s love without meaning? on CD. Plus, perhaps more importantly, you’ll be fucking cool in the eyes of twitter.

Now if you are on Twitter, you can tweet your images to and use the hashtag #GarethLooksStupid

If you aren’t on twitter, you can email and we’ll post them up on there for you.

The winner will be announced on the Friday of the Isle of Wight Festival (14th).

Now here are a couple of examples from my mate Tippers.

  Pink Suit  Nosh

As you can see, they’re totally different so have a think.

If you want to check out Tippers real Photoshop and photography skills, click onto

Get cracking! x

Bilderberg Fringe Festival.

Hey folks,

There appears to have been some issues on the live music front, at this years Bilderberg Fringe Festival.

The speakers and lecturers will all go ahead as planned, but the hotel seems to have a problem with amplified music.

The organisers are currently working with local bars to try and organise some kind of after party, and musical performances.

They need help with sourcing PA equipment in the Watford area. If you can help, email Bilderberg Fest.

I’ll keep you up to date with any developments. Hopefully we can get this sorted as I’d been looking forward to it!


Bands Seeking Worldwide Radio Promotion…

Hey guys,

If any of you lot are in bands, and are looking for Worldwide radio play, give Deuce a shout.

I have used them, and continue to. They have got me radio play across stations in the USA, Europe and Australia.

If you’re interested, give Rob an email at and say I sent you.

Hope you’re well.


Kody Back Catalogue, Available At Last…

Hey guys,

My old band, Kody, are finally releasing all our old songs.

We’ve been sat on them for years, and it seemed a massive waste. Luckily for us, my wonderful label, Eromeda Entertainment, have kindly said they’ll release the album for us.

Kody Album











The album, ‘All that’s been forgotten, but that was recorded at the time’ will be available on itunes very soon.

I’ll let you all know when it’s available.

I’m very excited.


York Show Booked…

Hey folks,

A few UK full band tour dates are being pieced together for August.

The first has been confirmed on August 7th at The Fulton Arms, in York.

Fulford Arms


The show is completely free.