Hello all,

Just like 3 Billion other folks across the globe, I am currently under house arrest. So all gigs are off for the foreseeable.

I’ll be focusing on producing podcasts for Ickonic and trying to do whatever I can from within my house.

I will be playing the odd show here and there, via stream. As well as videos of me being bored and acting like a Wally.

Keep in touch at twitter, facebook and Instagram. Links are at the top of the page.

Keep well. x

Red Brick Heart

This song was written as part of the Arts Council Project ‘The Travelling Band’.

I travelled to Belper in Derbyshire and was tasked with writing a song that afternoon, to be performed that evening to the locals. This was my effort…

Industry Of Lives – EP & Merch Available Now…


My brand new EP is available now, at all the usual stockists. You can download the record from Bandcamp aswell (I get paid more reasonably by them!)

If you’re into Tees and Hoodies, I have knocked a couple of them up as well. Simply click on the thumbnail and it will take you to the product in my Rapanui store.