TPV Global Phone In & The Banned Launches…


The Peoples Voice Channel launches Tomorrow at

On Wednesday I’ll be hosting the Global Phone In from 11pm British time.

We’ll be talking about any thing you, the listener wishes to talk about. From sports to current affairs.

This weeks main theme is the paranormal. If you have a ghost in your house, or think it’s all a load of bollocks, we want to hear from you.

We’ll also be playing some cracking tunes.

On Sunday The Banned airs for the first time, at 9pm UK time.

It’s all very exciting!

Please share and spread the love.


TPV 5 Hour Live Stream…









The Peoples Voice is broadcasting for the first time this Sunday.

The station hasn’t yet been launched, but the 5 hour live stream is just a warm up for what is to come.

I’ll be there playing the odd song or two, as well as rehearsing and set building for The Banned.

Richie Allen, presenter of the breakfast show, will be interviewing several cutting edge guests from across the Globe.

For full details click onto


The Merchandise Has Landed…


The wonderful people at Rapanui, eco friendly clothing, have put together some merchandise for yours truly.

You can check out all the designs here.

Simply click on the design you like, and the lads at Rapanui will take care of you.

Here are a few…


Hope you like! x

The Peoples Voice…

Hey folks,

I’m just down in London recording some promo videos for my new TV show, the banned.



On Wednesday we’re filming the opening titles and need some extras in the London area to come join us.

Importantly we need a single guy to come down and snog the face off an actress. She is the girl that played my love interest in the Remember Who Are video.

I say single because I’m not being responsible for any infidelities!

Email to apply.

Here is a wee video made at the Studio today.


The Banned launches November 21st…


My new TV show, The Banned, launches on The Peoples Voice Channel, on Thursday November 21st.

The music and comedy show will allow bands and comedians, that aren’t established in the mainstream, to be heard.

The show is going out live on a Thursday night, and will feature live bands, interviews, stand up comedy, and pretty much anything else that comes along.

It will also allow mainstream artists to come on and voice real opinions, that would be censored on normal television.

Let the fun begin.


Beat Up – Out December 16th.


The third single off ‘A Brand New Battle’, is out on December 16th.

The single ‘Beat up’ will also feature a B side of the song, live from Wembley Arena.

beat up

It will be available from itunes, amazon and all the other big kids.