A ‘wee’ catch up…

Hello folks,

Just writing a quick hello from my hotel room in Islay.

I wanted to try and write a blog every couple of days but I’m finding it hard to find the time, and sustained internet access.

The tour is going great so far. We’ve played in Arran, Troon, and Port Charlotte, Islay.

I’m awake far too early to get the boat back to the mainland, drive to Oban, then ferry across again to Mull.

The people here are so accommodating, and lovely. Plus, the scenery here is absolutely incredible. Definitely one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Despite the tiredness, I’ve spent the last few days feeling really lucky that I’m able to see and do these things.

If you want to keep up with what we’re up to, keep checking my twitter page (www.twitter.com/garethicke).

I’m posting LOADS of photos and stuff.

We’re also filming a video diary so that will be quite interesting if you’ve never been this way.

Much love. I need a shower. x



I’ll try my best to make up a wee tour blog while I’m up here.

Can you tell I’m picking up the lingo? Aye, good.

Jono and myself are going to film a tour diary of the trip, and pop it up on youtube in a few weeks. But I’ll try and get time to write one every few days to let you know how it’s going.

I’m told it could be interesting for me, as there is still a fair bit of anti English racism up on the furthest Isles.

I’ll do my best to win them over, but if I don’t, I hope I at least,  make a very tasty soup.

First show is tonight in Arran, followed by Troon, then two shows on Sunday, in Islay.

No rest for the wicked!

Here is a tour diary from a Liberty Tour me, Jono, and Alan Frew, did a few years ago.

Much love. x


Scottish Tour Starts Now…

Hey guys,

I’m currently in Glasgow, about to start a Scottish Island Tour, with my wee pal Jono.

All the shows are completely free, so if you’re in the area, pop down for a beer.

All the dates and venues are up here.


Former Band Kody Release ‘Best Of’ Album…

Hey guys,

My old band Kody have released a best of album. It seemed such a waste not to!


Me and the lads had wanted to release it for some time, but didn’t really have the means to do so.

Thankfully, my lovely label Eromeda Entertainment, have released it on our behalf.

Some of Whats Been Forgotten but That Was Recorded At the Time – A Collection of Songs By the Band Once Known as Kody, is available at all the top download sites.

The download the album, click here.

If you’re a Spotify member, you can listen to the songs on there too. Unfortunately, there is now another artist called Kody, so you’ll have to search under the album title.


New TV Show…

Hey folks,

I am pleased to announce that as of October, I will be the host of a TV show.

The 2 hour, weekly show, will be broadcast on the brand new channel, The Peoples Voice.

Now, The Peoples Voice has been set up to be just that. To report the news that the mainstream media, won’t report. To ask the questions that the mainstream media won’t ask, and to give exposure to those that otherwise, wouldn’t receive it.

Most of the shows will be news based shows coming out of the USA, Britain, Gaza, and all over the Globe.

The mainstream media doesn’t just sensor the ‘facts’ you hear and the news you receive, but also sensors the music you hear, the comedians you watch etc. That’s where I come in.

My show will (probably as it’s a working title) be called ‘The Banned’ and will have zero boundaries. There is no ‘format’ so to speak. I want it to be a show like no other.

I want live bands in the studio, comedians, magicians, chefs, blokes that have climbed mountains, women that have swam seas, I want everything.

I am still very much in the planning stage but I get the feeling that this could be something really special.

I’m going to an important meeting in London at the end of July to start putting my shows team together.

As soon as we have that team, we’ll have official email addresses and stuff that people that contact us on.

If you’re a band or an artist or whatever, you’ll be able to put yourself forward for the show.

There will be zero censorship. If it’s true, you can say it.

Anyone that remembers the G & Tippers Radio Show, will remember I shoved 500 straws up my arse on webcam. I don’t do rules. (I’m aware that sounded like a David Brent comment.)

What I’d love from you guys now, is some ideas of what YOU’D love to see on your television screen. After all, it’s the peoples voice, and we should give the people what they want!

You can tweet, or facebook me your thoughts, until I get these email addresses.

Much love.







Hey all,

Yesterday I did a photoshoot on the Isle of Wight with Tim Pritchard.

He’s currently editing through the images, but has managed to pop a few up on his website.

Tim Image 1

To check them out, click onto talktotippers.com.


Competition Winner!

Hey guys,

Thanks a lot to everyone that entered the ‘Gareth Looks Stupid’ competition.

Me and the guys did have quite a laugh looking through the images!

But as always, there can only be one winner. And as gross as the mental image is, it did make me laugh the most.

‘Just Nick’ came up with this masterpiece.

Gareth Competition


Congrats mate. The CDs are on their way.


Story Time Festival…


Confirmed to play the Storytime Festival at Antwerp Mansion, Manchester, on August 4th.

Mega happy to be playing.

I’ll let you know more details when I have them.


Isle of Wight Festival.


I am lucky enough to have bagged 4 separate performances at this years Isle of Wight Festival.

Here are the details…

Thursday 13th June (7:40pm) @ Zebra Bar & Champagne Garden. 

Friday 14th June (5pm) @Life’s A Beach Stage.

Saturday 15th June (2pm) @Life’s A Beach Stage.

Sunday 16th June (6pm) @ Zebra Bar & Champagne Garden.

Come and say hello if you’re about.