Prague Dates Moved To September…


Due to costs and venue availability, my Prague dates have been moved to September.

Logistically it makes more sense, as I will be able to play an extra date in the time we are there.

As soon as I have the venues confirmed, I will post it on here!


Czech Republic Dates…

Hello all,

I have two dates in Prague, Czech Republic, coming up in early April.

They are the start of a year of European and UK touring. I’m just waiting to 100% confirm the names of the venues, and I’ll let you know.

We are playing mini Friday, Saturday, Sunday tours across Europe, as I am required in London every Thursday, to film The Banned.

It’s a tough slog, but definitely worth it, just to be able to be part of these two adventures.

Hope you are all well.


Cool Manchester Live Review…


My York show was reviewed by ‘Cool Manchester‘. I am aware that sounds odd.

Here’s what they wrote…


Gareth Icke Band Supported by Sam Moran

Review By Kelvin Knight

Lovely warm summer night – great intimate venue, free entry. First up was Sam Moran a young singer songwriter who plays with admirable passion as the blood splatters on his acoustic guitar body testifies. Its a crowded market Sam’s in but he stands out for me, great songs and great confidence and belief. Great misheard lyrics what I thought was “cat on a bus” was kid on a bus…….Made Sam laugh after anyway.

And so to Gareth Icke and band – first thing to say is this was only the second gig with his new band but you’d never know they sound like they’ve been touring for years. Secondly its a low ceiling at The Arms and Gareth is a tall chap there was about an inch of headroom, I remember thinking “don’t go on tippy toes mate you’ll get wedged in !!

They tear through songs from Gareth’s second album “A brand new battle” with the rhythm section of Kev (drums) and Dom (bass) tight as the proverbial ducks arse.

Remember who you are‘ is as catchy (sic) a song as you’ll hear and the new single ‘Beat up‘ wonderful…..

Occasionally Gareth will introduce a song with a brief explanation “this ones about a messy break up” and “y’know when you’re drinking so much you feel your sanity slipping away” (I paraphrase) followed by “cheerful; fucker aren’t I” !!!

What’s love without meaning” closes an excellent set of songs with more hooks than a fishing shop.

Those that were there loved it “best gig I’ve seen this year” was one comment…..

I have one problem with Gareth… He’s very, very talented, good looking (so my female friends inform me) and sickeningly he is a really nice, witty guy….Bastard !!!!!

Seriously if he’s playing near you go I promise you’ll love it…..

Oh yeah and his Dad played in goal for Coventry City.

Gareth Icke and his Band are performing at the Salford Music Festival.

This Weekends Shows…


I’m playing at the V Dub Festival tomorrow night. Will be on the main stage about 9pm.

Really looking forward to getting back up on stage here on the Isle of Wight.

For more details, click onto

On Saturday I’m playing an acoustic show at Appley Beach. The show is to celebrate 125 years of the carnival in Ryde. It’s the oldest carnival in the UK.

I’ll be on stage about 9:15.

Much love.



Free York Show…

Hey folks,

I have a show in York on Wednesday, at Fulford Arms.

It’s totally free, so if you want some live music, just pop down.

Last Friday in Manchester was my first show with the new band, and it went amazingly. We’re playing a few free shows, just to get our eyes in, before heading off across the UK and Europe, at the end of the year.

Fulford Arms



This Weekends Shows…

Hey folks,

I have a couple of Manchester shows this weekend.

On Friday I’m playing at The Castle. It’s an invite only event, and I think it’s sold out. Although, if you email, there maybe a ticket or two available.

On Sunday I’m playing at the Antwerp Mansion, just off the Curry Mile, Manchester.

I am playing a solo acoustic set as part of the Storytime Festival.

For tickets, click on to

Take it easy. x


Czech Republic Tour

Hello all,

Hope you’re all good and happy and stuff.

My label are currently putting together a tour of the Czech Republic.

The dates will be confirmed as soon as possible, but they’re planned for October this year.

Exciting. x

Secret Garden Party Festival

Hey guys,

Hope you’re well.

This weekend I am performing at The Secret Garden Party Festival in Cambridgeshire. My Dad is giving a speech and I’ve kindly been asked to get up and play a few tunes before he comes on.

It’s a difficult set up sometimes, as it isn’t a designated acoustic stage. Mind you, if I can win over an audience in the Outer Hebrides, I can win over an audience at a festival. In theory.

I’ve been rehearsing with the band in Manchester over the last couple of days. On the whole it’s sounding great. Obviously my touring has hampered rehearsals, but we’ll get there in the end.

On Tuesday I drove down south to hang out with my Dad, Steven Tyler, and friends. Had a really good time going around Avebury and Stonehenge. I was rather random, but lovely. Was nice to be in the company of like minded people for an afternoon!



If you’re at the Secret Garden Party, come say hey. We’ll have a beer.





On Home Soil…And Back To Busy…

Hello folks,

What an incredible tour.

It had its ups and downs, but it was a once in a lifetime experience.

We played to some lovely lovely people, in some of the most beautiful places I have ever been.

I went there as an Englishman, and played original material to audiences only used to traditional Gaelic music. I confess, I was nervous about how I’d be received as I had had a couple of problems with racism while trying to book shows.

One venue stated “We have our own musicians thanks” before slamming the phone down on me.

But my fears where completely without foundation, and I can’t wait to get myself back to the Islands again.

Jono is putting together a feature length tour documentary over the next few weeks. I really think you’ll enjoy it.

Tomorrow I’m filming with Derby County FC as part of their DNA (Derby. Now. Always) campaign.

I have been a die hard fan since I was 8 years old, and it’s an honour to put my personal Derby experiences in part of their campaign.

On Thursday I am off to Manchester to rehearse for the first time, with my Manchester band. I’ve heard amazing things about the lads, so I’m looking forward to getting stuck in to it.

I now have some awesome musicians on the Isle of Wight, and in Manchester. Obviously Guy, Claydon, and Tippers, on the Island, have their own careers, and I can’t expect them to drop that to tour with me regularly.

I’m waiting on lots of tour confirmations that I’m really stoked about. Particularly some Festival dates in the Czech Republic, in September.

On Saturday, I’m off to London to meet with The Peoples Voice TV channel, to discuss my show, The Banned. Touch wood, I should have my team sorted by the end of the day.

The show is going to be amazing. It’ll be going out prime time in the UK, then repeated midweek, at a prime time for the USA.

The show will feature anything and everything. Music, Comedians, Jugglers, I don’t care. If you’re good at something, you’re on the show.

Boundaries are  for pussies.

Much love. x