New Tee

If we’re going to insulted. We may as well wear the badge proudly.

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Christmas stocking fillers…


So, it’s that time of year again.

Here are a few stocking fillers that you may, or may not, be interested in.



A Brand New Battle 

You can download all my albums here as well as all the usual outlets.


You can buy my book ‘How NOT to be a rockstar’ here.




Visit my Redbubble store here.



New Merch Shop.


So, I was right. My previous merch stall had been deleted. Guilty of wrong think.


Here is my new stall. All these designs are available in a tonne of colours and different products.


Visit my store here.




So… it appears I’ve had my merch shop taken down. Hmm.

Until I can set myself up with another account elsewhere, I have set up a Redbubble page to sell my Covid1984 designs, and a few others.

I have set the merch to be as cheap as is allowed.

Click here to have a look around.