In the studio…


I have been down to the Isle of Wight this weekend to get together with my old pals at Studio 5a.

We have been working on the single ‘Get your love on’, to be released for this years Wembley show.

There are a few announcements regarding the release of that single, and the future in general.

I just need to iron out a few things and I will post here asap.


Band Camp…

Hi all,

I now have a band camp page. It’s a much easier way of downloading tracks, plus, the money comes to us, without the big guys taking a MASSIVE percentage.

Check out my band camp page here.


Beat Up Fiasco…

Hello all,

Today was meant to be the release date for the single, Beat Up.

Every time we’ve released anything with itunes, there has been an issue. With the album, they put it up earlier than we agreed, and with the ‘What’s Love Without Meaning?’ single, they put it up late.

They’ve truly excelled themselves this time though. They put the single out on the day we agreed…but only 8 seconds of it.

If you buy my single, from any of the online download sites, you’re paying 89p, for an 8 second clip. So PLEASE don’t buy it.

The B side, Beat Up (Live at Wembley) is absolutely fine.

Itunes have said they never edit tracks, so my label must have sent them an 8 second clip. This is a lie, and provably so.

My label are considering legal action.

I don’t want to be a paranoid bloke, but when they cause issue EVERY single time I release anything, you have to wonder.

So there you go. Sorry about this.

I’ll have a music video up for the track in the next few days.


Beat Up reviewed by Cool Manchester…

Reviewed By Graham Halsey


Gareth Icke is back with his third single from the enduring second album ‘A Brand New Battle’. In preparation to review the new single I had a thorough listen to said album and it was an intriguing listen.

The son of public speaker David Icke you can hear his fathers influence in his lyrics about freeing yourself from corporate and negative bondage.

‘Beat Up’ is a message song.

Some of you will be put off by that and you shouldn’t be. In terms of pure pop rock ‘Beat Up’ is a melodic masterpiece. The song puts it’s hooks into you from the outset and the upbeat feel with jangly and never overly heavy guitar tones means that although this song is certainly falls within the rock genre, it retains a more wide spread appeal and would not sound out of place on drive time BBC Radio 1.

Given the Ickes relationship with the BBC its heart warming to note that Gareth has already been on the Radio 1 Play list before with his debut solo single only to be removed when Michael Jackson passed away.

I think if ‘Beat Up’ were to gain national radio play this single would easily sail into the Top 10. Sadly however the music industry is a fickle place and Id struggle to see Gareth’s current single getting the attention nationally it deserves. Back when I first began to write music reviews you’d have got a good chance of getting an Independent release into the charts, several indie labels did just that but in these times of X Factor white wash it’s not so easy anymore.

Taken purely on merit ‘Beat Up’ is a fabulous single that deserves to be a hit. Gareth knows how to craft great melodic rock and I for one will be keeping my ears and eyes open for any new releases from this man.

Another thing that appealed to my ‘old guy from the 80s’ sensibilities is that Gareth has elected to include a B Side with this single.

‘Beat Up Live At Wembley’ Arena is a punchy performance of the A Side and im sure the man’s proud to have performed it at Wembley Arena. The single is out on the 16th of December (Monday) and is an iTunes only release (shame I do like vinyl singles myself).

I urge you to put out of your mind any preconceived ideas you might have about Gareth Icke and his music and give the single a whirl because I guarantee that once you have you’ll be heading back to his iTunes store for a listen to the rest of his already impressive solo output.


Beat Up – Out December 16th.


The third single off ‘A Brand New Battle’, is out on December 16th.

The single ‘Beat up’ will also feature a B side of the song, live from Wembley Arena.

beat up

It will be available from itunes, amazon and all the other big kids.


Former Band Kody Release ‘Best Of’ Album…

Hey guys,

My old band Kody have released a best of album. It seemed such a waste not to!


Me and the lads had wanted to release it for some time, but didn’t really have the means to do so.

Thankfully, my lovely label Eromeda Entertainment, have released it on our behalf.

Some of Whats Been Forgotten but That Was Recorded At the Time – A Collection of Songs By the Band Once Known as Kody, is available at all the top download sites.

The download the album, click here.

If you’re a Spotify member, you can listen to the songs on there too. Unfortunately, there is now another artist called Kody, so you’ll have to search under the album title.