New TV Show…

Hey folks,

I am pleased to announce that as of October, I will be the host of a TV show.

The 2 hour, weekly show, will be broadcast on the brand new channel, The Peoples Voice.

Now, The Peoples Voice has been set up to be just that. To report the news that the mainstream media, won’t report. To ask the questions that the mainstream media won’t ask, and to give exposure to those that otherwise, wouldn’t receive it.

Most of the shows will be news based shows coming out of the USA, Britain, Gaza, and all over the Globe.

The mainstream media doesn’t just sensor the ‘facts’ you hear and the news you receive, but also sensors the music you hear, the comedians you watch etc. That’s where I come in.

My show will (probably as it’s a working title) be called ‘The Banned’ and will have zero boundaries. There is no ‘format’ so to speak. I want it to be a show like no other.

I want live bands in the studio, comedians, magicians, chefs, blokes that have climbed mountains, women that have swam seas, I want everything.

I am still very much in the planning stage but I get the feeling that this could be something really special.

I’m going to an important meeting in London at the end of July to start putting my shows team together.

As soon as we have that team, we’ll have official email addresses and stuff that people that contact us on.

If you’re a band or an artist or whatever, you’ll be able to put yourself forward for the show.

There will be zero censorship. If it’s true, you can say it.

Anyone that remembers the G & Tippers Radio Show, will remember I shoved 500 straws up my arse on webcam. I don’t do rules. (I’m aware that sounded like a David Brent comment.)

What I’d love from you guys now, is some ideas of what YOU’D love to see on your television screen. After all, it’s the peoples voice, and we should give the people what they want!

You can tweet, or facebook me your thoughts, until I get these email addresses.

Much love.