A New York Story

Oi everyone.

I have been cast as a major character in an upcoming crime film called ‘A New York Story’.


I will be playing William, a corrupt police officer.

Check out the IMDb page for the film here.


The Peoples Voice…

Hey folks,

I’m just down in London recording some promo videos for my new TV show, the banned.



On Wednesday we’re filming the opening titles and need some extras in the London area to come join us.

Importantly we need a single guy to come down and snog the face off an actress. She is the girl that played my love interest in the Remember Who Are video.

I say single because I’m not being responsible for any infidelities!

Email sean@thepeoplesvoice.tv to apply.

Here is a wee video made at the Studio today.



Hey guys,

I don’t normally post stuff like this here. I tend to try and keep it more of music only page.

But sometimes you see something, and it needs spreading about.

Obviously I’m lucky enough to have been born with a functioning brain, so when the Media says Countries like Iran, North Korea & Libya are the enemy, I’m pretty aware that’s it’s probably the reverse of that.

This film was shown on North Korean TV to their citizens, and completely sums up Western ‘civilisation’ in 90 minutes. It truly is incredible.

Hope you’re all well.