I was meant to start the vocals on the new album today. I have been mega excited all week about getting the vocals for Satellites & Wires and Jenny down today.

Unfortunately I’m in bed ill. Annoyed. So won’t be able to start til tomorrow. I guess it’s best to rest up rather than deliver some below par vocal tracks.

Still annoyed though! x

London Riots.

Hey people.

Have I just woken up and stepped out into a scene from Terminator II?

What the real meaning behind these riots is unknown. After all, the Police killing a man is hardly anything new. I don’t recall this kind of unrest after the MET brutally murdered an innocent man named Jean Charles de Menezes.

This goes a hell of a lot deeper than that and while I’m pretty sure there are underground cells at work orchestrating this, it’s still the general public that are carrying out the orders.

I really do understand the anger that is so deeply rooted in the more deprived areas of the Capital and Britain as a whole. Your Government sold you out and couldn’t give a flying fuck about any of you. I would be more shocked if you weren’t filled with rage.

But if the school bully steals your lunch, what do you do? Surely then stealing the kids next to you just makes you as bad as the bully doesn’t it? Well that’s exactly what you are doing by rioting and smashing up peoples lives on the streets of London.

You’re not angry with the guy that owns the local corner shop are you? So why the fuck are you burning it down?

After 9/11 and 7/7 the Government took away most of your basic freedoms. And we all know they want the rest as well. They want you like the farm yard cattle they see you as. Meat that is useless to them unless it’s obedient and pays it’s taxes on time.

Don’t you see that by rioting you are doing exactly what they want you to do? Now they have the excuse they want to get troops on the streets and take away what freedom you have (or think you have) left. In fact, even the general population are CALLING for troops to come in and stop the riots.

So when we should have been united against a common enemy, we’re instead, disjointed and opposed.

There is one simple way to fight the Government that has cast you overboard. And that is by NOT FIGHTING. A simple statement of non-compliance is what we, the people, need.

Simply say “NO” to your Government. Say “NO” to The Sun and other media outlets that feed us the bullshit we’re fed every day. And forget smashing the windows of Tescos. Simply stop shopping there and those windows will soon be boarded up. And who knows, it may even be replaced by a local green grocers in the end.

Because if you keep rioting, this is OUR future.


Wake up and educate yourselves.










Dover Park Primary School Fete…


I know I’m not renowned in the 4 to 8 year old musical bracket but that is my audience this Friday.

I am playing the Dover Park School Fete at 2pm. It’s my old primary school and my niece and nephew also go there. It’s always nice to give something back. Especially as I basically caused carnage for my 4 years there.

I’m a big fan of the brick work. I became quite pally with it while I stood facing it for almost every break time.

I’m on at 2pm, it’s totally free and it’s all there to support the school.


Wayals & Italy

Hey all,

I’m down in Wales this weekend with Tippers and our mate Rich. We’ve come to surprise our old roadie mate Nigel. When we were in the band years ago, this man basically did everything for us. Drove us, cooked for us, kissed us goodnight and tucked us in to bed. You name it, he did it.

What better way to say thanks then to arrive at his house, drunk at 10:30 pm and smash on his front door shouting “Police! Open up boyo! We’ve got some questions we’d like to ask you”.

It could have back fired however when he opened the door with a clenched fist, ready to smash in the first person he saw. That person was me.

If anyone saw this weeks Isle of Wight County Press (www.iwcp.co.uk) you’d have seen a piece about our beach soccer trip to Italy. My club side, Sandown Sociedad are English Champions and are off in June to compete against the top club sides in Europe. I couldn’t have looked more Italian in the photo. Maybe there is something my folks didn’t tell me.

I’ll let you know if the games are on TV.

Be safe people. I’m going to get royally bladdered today. If I die, know I love you. xxx