Hello all,

Today is my first day of treatment in Germany. I’m here because (thanks to the NHS) I have ulcers on both my eyes.

Basically I had red eyes one day due to hayfever, they put me on a steroid called FML and my eyes went white again. Happy days! The only down fall is that FML is allowed to be taken for a MAXIMUM of 6 weeks because of the damaging side effects that it can cause.

Now guess how long I was prescribed it for? EIGHTEEN MONTHS. So needless to say, my eyes are fucked.

I’ve been in Germany since Monday evening and I get my first treatment today, another tomorrow and then home on Friday. Lets hope it does the trick!

I’m down near the French border, about 100km south of Frankfurt. It’s beautiful round here. Another reason to keep my eyesight!

I’ve basically been told to relax and chill out before I get treatment. I’ve found two very different ways of doing that.

Yesterday we went to a special salt water swimming pool. It’s pretty cold here and the pool goes outside. But the water is 36 degrees. It’s amazing.

Check out the image below…

Now, that makes sense right? Relaxing in a pool? Perfect.

So then I drove 75 kilometres to a place called Bretten and picked up a 1967 BMW 2000CS. As you do…

The difference between the one above and the one I picked up were pretty significant. I carried the doors, bonnet and windscreens and loaded them into the truck. Then pushed the car to the trailer before winding to pulley and dragging the car on to it.

Like I said…relaxing.

Got back after midnight, ate a full on Moroccan chicken dish, climbed into bed, go the hump that the cover was itching, stole my girlfriends ‘onsey’ and got into bed. She’s a lot smaller than me…obviously… So I woke with the biggest wedgie you could possibly imagine!

It’s ok though, I saw an Elephant today (In the Zoo).

Hope you’re all well. x

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