Happy New Year!!!

Hello everyone!

I hope you had an awesome New Years!

I went as Gary Glitter and Tippers went as a 100 dollar bill. As you do.

Thursday night is the first show of a brand new year, and we want to get off with a bang!

All your favourite features will be there.

Quizzing against a listener for some bloody awful stolen prizes.

Shit joke of the week.

The 5 steps game. You have to get from 2 seemingly unrelated topics in no more than five steps.

For example, Karl Pilkington to a vacuum cleaner. They seem unrelated…but…

Karl went down route 66 on an Idiot Abroad 2.

Route 66 goes across the United States of America.

The United States is policed by the FBI.

The former head of the FBI was called J Edgar Hoover.

A hoover is the most well known brand of vacuum cleaner.

There you go. It’s fun.

The themes this week are…

Best covers. (What are your favourite cover versions? Mike Flowers Pops does Wonderwall?).

Losing virginity. (Who or rather what took it and where?!)

New Years Eve stories. (What happened and that?)

That should be enough to be getting on with huh?

Tune in this Thursday from 7pm til 10pm at www.vectisradio.com.

Do it. G


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