It’s almost over…


Given the lack of sleep, 4am alarm clocks, 3 hour drives, and 4 hour boat journeys…I feel remarkably alert today.

I think it’s because my body can sense the finish line.

Tonight we’re playing the Isle of Raasay. It’s a small Island between the coast of the mainland, and Skye.

I think the population is around 150.

Some of these places are so remote, that there is literally nothing in terms of mod cons.

I guess I’m kind of pleased with myself, that I’m functioning normally. I haven’t fully been modernized just yet. There is still a wee bit of caveman in me. “Grunt”.

Last night we played in Applecross, and the night before in Eriskay. Both gigs were great and certainly redeemed the previous couple.

Life is all ups and downs and so is touring. Literally here. It’s a vast mass of mountains!

The downs make you stronger, and the ups refuel you for the next set of downs.

I’m feeling pretty charged now!

Today we have a 3 hour drive down to Skye, through the Kyle of Lochalsh. It’s one of the most stunning roads I’ve ever driven. Although looking over the sides, gave me a wee bit of vertigo yesterday.

I tried to find a picture, but found this video instead. It gets interesting a couple of minutes in.


We then take a boat to Raasay to perform at the Islands fun day. I’m excited. I hear there is archery. My eyes are playing up a fair bit though, so giving me a lethal weapon in a crowd of people, probably isn’t advisable.


The weather here has gone cloudy. I’m annoyed.

Enjoy the sun, England! x

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