A Brand New Battle Lyrics


Everything for granted, that we take.

Playing chicken with a railway train.

Today, is my mayday.

Quick, split up and into the fields.

I can feel the filth, are closing still.

Today, is my mayday.


You can’t judge a character, when you married her, blind.

Such was the love you felt, that you buried doubts, in light.


Adrianne, take your hand and I’ll hold you back.


Down off bass wall, and into the deep.

Must have felt about a thousand feet.

Today, I made it.

Treading boards, but not of theatre stage.

Quick, run, avoid the filth again.

Today, I made it.


Nothing changes when you age, it’s just another day.

All the cuts, and all the bruises, they won’t fade away.


Remember Who You Are.

We were born, pushed to the floor.

We won’t be downtrodden any more.

Learn to roar. One true self, we’ll settle scores.


But with all my height, I stand with shoulders wide.

I step clean out of line, and hold my head up high.

They can take my eyes, but I still take to flight.

They can’t break my mind, for what I’m born with is mine.


Remember who you are.


Find your feet, and take to streets.

Non comply with glorious belief.

That this elite, has no power over me.


Stand as one.


Satellites & Wires.

I’m halfway round, a big bad World.

You’re on my screen, I’m at your door.


It’s a passion, through satellites & wires.

It’s a madness, that sets your mind on fire.

It’s an accent, attraction and I knew.

In the courtyard, my heart give to you.


Every mile, and breaking waves.

I load you up, and see your face.


Ice melts on your back, and I want you more.

Scratch marks on my back, and I want you more.


Beat Up.

Light is breaking through the cracks.

Darkness wants to drag you back.

Who dictates all the stakes?

Lies fed down through paper rounds.

I eat but I can’t hold it down.

My stomach knots, tears and erupts.


We get beat up.

But we’ll clean up.

Stand up. Stand up be counted.

Rise up. Rise up and glow.


Sending bits of kids to war.

They don’t know what they’re fighting for.

Who decides, who survives?

The man he has near no respect.

For people that he represents.

We’ll stand proud, and drag them down.


Beating hearts. All our hearts. Beat up.


A Brand New Battle.

Every day brings a brand new battle, you fight, and you die.

Flick the switches, turn off gauges, we dance, in the light, for tonight.


Stood at your door, in dark and cold.

You gave me more, than I could hold.

Sticks and stones, have cracked my skull.

But all your words, could eat me whole.


Every single one of us, has a past, built out lives.

All foundations are built on mud, and dirt, realise.


Reasons define your love.

Freedom, define your love. Remind your love. Rewind your love.


Paint The Town Red.

Every thing you wanted to say, is hidden in the words you’re keeping,

Buried in yourself, no peeking. These harbouring doubts, creep in.


You paint the town red, but do you feel alone?

You paint it til’ you’re dead, but do you feel alone?

She’s naked in your bed, but do you feel alone?

These voices in your head, they make you feel alone.


Pick up yourself.

Big up yourself.


Travelling so far, much further, through different Worlds, discovered.

You’re living out the lives of others, and damaging the heart of another.



Everything you loved and lost, will bide its time, to catch you up.

It’s all done now.


The call you least expect to hear, will ring the loudest in your ears.

Just hold on now.


I paint a picture, in my head, of colours, sweet colours.


A single word could pull you in, from demons, caught within.

It’s all done now.



You were right here, I was a thousand miles away.

I can see clear for the first time in days.

I have felt trapped, pushing all the wrong doors.

What you don’t have, is forever possible.


I need myself a God, to lay my weight upon.

Not high in the sky, but here with everyone.

Someone I can see. Something to believe.

A girl who’s soul can touch, every part of me.


I take a smoke, tobacco fills my house.

Every word spoke, from your lips is ringing loud.

Harboured regrets, will break your soul in the end.

Don’t hedge your bets, on whose life in which your spend.


Every part of you, you give and all of me, I give it back.

(Everyone needs a God to lay their weight on.)


Don’t Say It.

Outstretched arms, form a bridge, to my Island, to my belonging.

Streets are lit, with memories, goodbyes, I love you’s, and I’m so sorrys.


Some things you can’t deny.

Burns a fire deep inside of me.


I’ve become frightened of love.

(Don’t say it.)


Three hour drives, racing home, keep on believing, screaming ‘I’m not alone’.

Fading lights, a chapter down, kiss for luck, I’ll see you around.


What’s Love Without Meaning?

You should take it back, yeah, take it back.

Every single word you said in fact.

They’re only worth as much as how you act.

All your words breath substance that you lack.


I’m standing up, because I want to.

Not fighting on because I ought to.


What’s love without meaning?


I once had a thought, and wrote it down.

It took me several years to pour it out.

I had to tear it up to find myself.

And pull the gaffer tape across my mouth.


Don’t you think you’ve heard enough, of love?

Don’t you think you’ve hurt enough, in love?


Growing Pains.

I wrote a note, but chose to dis-guard it.

Out in the trash, with beer cans and heart ache.

What would I feel if I read it back now?

A waste of a tree, some ink, and of myself.


Escape from the pouring rain, that fills up your waiting graves.

A streak that you can’t explain, is dragging you down again.

You speak of your growing pains, and words that you’d like to say.

They fall at alarming rates, into your past again.


One more thing to say.


Do you miss this at all?


I’d drive to you, drive with my eyes shut.

I pray that our minds, won’t blow up the viaduct.

In distance your heart, grows fonder of others.

To leave love to fate, is to leave shit to Hitler.


Sleep With The Girl. 

Run, run, what happened to them?

You see, I’m done, done, with bullets and guns.


Save me now, sit me down, save the World, say those words.


Did you sleep with the girl?

(My love, and my lover)


Man, man, with blood on his hands.

Stand, stand, and fight what you can.


I’m a soul with a man, not a man with a soul.

Hitching a ride, with nowhere to go.