National Libraries request ‘How NOT to be a Rockstar’…

Hey all,

I was strolling through Prague Airport, minding my own business, when I received a message from my big sister. The National Library of Great Britain has requested copies of my book, How NOT to be a Rockstar.

That’s a massive achievement for one, and one that was celebrated with a beer, and a soggy airport sandwich.

You can buy a copy of the book by clicking onto

I’ll be selling copies at gigs aswell.

Talking of gigs, I’ll be playing an acoustic show at the Engineers Arms in Henlow, Bedfordshire on Friday. Free entry and awesome beer. Kicks off at 9pm.

Laters. xxx

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  1. Felicia Buske says:

    November 14, 2015 at 5:34 am


    Just discovered you two days ago while watching your dad’s part 3 Awaken.

    Aside from finally getting a lot of answers to why this world is so ass-backwards, I had an opportunity to discover you.

    Your lyrics, sincere heartfelt voice, and acoustics bring great comfort to me as I battle terminal cancer.

    Thank you for making a positive difference in the world. There are so many of us with a good heart yearning for positive change.

    I would like to order a book please.


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