G and Tippers Show theme, Welsh gigs & dogs in labour…

Hello all,

WE’RE ALL ALIVE!!! So much for the rapture. Bollocks.

I am currently sat on a sofa huddled up between my mate Rich and my radio sidekick, Tippers. Everyone is feeling slightly fragile after an entire day and nights drinking and kebab feasting.

Last night was our close mate Taffys birthday. In the old days the Welsh wizard used to look after us on tour and pretty much play the role of Dad. There are a few funny stories in the book that feature Taffy!

Taffy, Rich, Tippers & Me...

Me and Tim got drunk, played some songs, forgot some words and ended up reverting to smutty on stage gags rather than actually performing. Sod it, if the audience are smiling, you’re winning.

Tippers and me 'performing'...

Talking of winning, there is a dog in the room that has just gone into labour. How awesome is that!? I think we’re about to witness the giving of life. That’s pretty magical.

It’s almost as exciting as having a┬áChameleon dropped on to your head. Things like that only happen in Wales. I am an animal lover but I was terrified!

Terrified with a Chameleon on my head...

Totally off subject I know, but come on Blackpool! I’d love them to stay up. It would really be a giant fuck you to the money orientated Premier League. Football really has gone to the dog (boom boom) in that respect. Always cheering for the underdogs (boom boom). I guess that’s why I’m a Derby fan eh?

This weeks G & Tippers Show has a song writing theme. Me and Tim are going to write a song live on air with lyrics tweeted in by the audience. God knows how it’s going to sound but I guess that’s half the craic!

You can tweet lyrics in to www.twitter.com/gandtippers or email us at gandtippers@vectisradio.com.

The show goes out live at www.vectisradio.com every Thursday at 7pm BST.

I’ve also added a couple more videos to the Media section. They’re from last years Liberty Tour. Check them out. If you want.

I hope you all had a wicked weekend. Be safe. xxx


Wayals & Italy

Hey all,

I’m down in Wales this weekend with Tippers and our mate Rich. We’ve come to surprise our old roadie mate Nigel. When we were in the band years ago, this man basically did everything for us. Drove us, cooked for us, kissed us goodnight and tucked us in to bed. You name it, he did it.

What better way to say thanks then to arrive at his house, drunk at 10:30 pm and smash on his front door shouting “Police! Open up boyo! We’ve got some questions we’d like to ask you”.

It could have back fired however when he opened the door with a clenched fist, ready to smash in the first person he saw. That person was me.

If anyone saw this weeks Isle of Wight County Press (www.iwcp.co.uk) you’d have seen a piece about our beach soccer trip to Italy. My club side, Sandown Sociedad are English Champions and are off in June to compete against the top club sides in Europe. I couldn’t have looked more Italian in the photo. Maybe there is something my folks didn’t tell me.

I’ll let you know if the games are on TV.

Be safe people. I’m going to get royally bladdered today. If I die, know I love you. xxx