Quitting G & Tippers Show…

Hey all,

For anyone that is a regular listener to the G and Tippers radio show, you’ll have heard me quit last night. It wasn’t a spur of the moment thing and it’s not something I will regret doing.

Tim will carry on as usual, either as the Tippers show, or with another co presenter. So make sure you continue to tune in.

The last few months have been a real chore and I’ve actually dreaded 7pm every Thursday. When we started the show, in January 2011, I felt like we could grow and grow and become something significant in the World of radio. For the first few months that appeared to be happening, but after a while, I felt it plateaued, and then slipped backwards.

The direction of the show felt like it was drifting away from where I wanted it to go, and it almost felt like it was becoming samey and just another radio show.

We used to be in trouble every week for overstepping the mark. Now we’re rarely in trouble. That bored me. You can’t be a pioneer in anything, without over stepping the mark.

One day I may get back into radio, but first I need to get my own house in order. I am busy with a million different things, and the distraction of the radio show has become less and less welcome.

Thanks to Vectis Radio for giving us the show. And I hope, with some new blood, it can get back to where it was, and further.

Peace. x

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  1. MrsJ says:

    May 25, 2012 at 7:54 am

    As a regular listener and supporter of the G&T Show I am sad to see you go but I fully understand why it has to be… 😉

    If Tim stays with it, he will have to have a new show, as the G and Tippers Show was unique and can not carry on without the G …

    It was so much fun while it lasted and made a lot of people very happy due to the risque nature of it and great interaction between listeners and Presenters…

    I will tune in if Tim starts a new show of his own or with a co presenter but it will have to be a new format…

    I wish you Great Success and much Love in your life …
    Onwards and Upwards… What an Evening… Thank You x

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