The Album Is Done!!!


At last my second album is complete. It still needs mastering and mixing but as far as recording, our job is done.

Now I just need to sort out an album title and get it released and out into your eardrums.

The mixing and mastering shouldn’t take long at all so I’m looking for a release around the end of March.

One track off the album, ‘Remember Who You Are’ will be released well before that. I had a meeting in London on Friday to put together ideas for a music video to be released on YouTube by the end of February.

While the record won’t yet be for sale, it’s quite a cool way to advertise it’s release and get some interest around the internet. Well, that’s the plan anyway!

This is a self release and while that’s amazing because I get the record to sound how I want it to, it’s also down to me to sort everything else out.

Once it’s released, I’ll piece together a tour and hopefully come and play somewhere near you.

Until then, stay lucky. x


  1. says:

    January 23, 2012 at 11:27 am

    Hi Gareth, hows it going?

    Its Rashid, Marks friend. its great that you’ve completed your album! If you want a free mix/master sample of one of your songs email me on,

    This way you can hear how good me and my team is. for mixing + mastering we charge $25.00 per song and just for mastering we charge $15.00 per song.

    but I can sort you out a special deal.

    For more info check out


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