TPV Global Phone In…

Hello all,

I’m back presenting The Global Phone In on The Peoples Voice, this Wednesday evening.

The phone in goes out at from 11:15pm GMT.

If you wish to call in, the number isĀ +44(0)203 714 2700. Alternatively, you can tweet me @garethicke.

This week I’ll be discussing several different topics.

The main topic is of course, whatever you want to talk about. It’s your phone in after all!

I’d like to talk about your New Years resolutions. We’re a month in to 2014. How many resolutions are you still sticking to?

I’m interested in your thoughts on the UK justice system. Parents can face prison time if they take their children on holiday, during term time. Yet, people walk free for horrendous crimes.

I’d also like to have a chat about the cost of ‘living’, and whether that is something improved by money, or the very opposite. Does money and the need for material goods, simply cover up the cracks in our emotional selves?

I’ll be playing some great tunes as well, up until 1am GMT.

Tune in. x

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