Travelling Band Mark Two


After the success of our Arts Council Project, The Travelling Band, we are back again this year with a slightly revamped version.

Eight Derbyshire artists including myself, will be running musical workshops in and around the community. Whether it be schools, libraries, shopping centres, or simply running performances in the street, we’ll be trying to bring music to areas of the local community that have been sadly neglected by consecutive Governments.

As well as the workshops, there will be several live performances across the country, all completely free to attend, and organized with the aim of bringing live music to people that don’t normally get as mush access to the arts, as they would like to.

We have shows in Wirksworth, Ripley, Ashbourne, Chesterfield, Bolsover, Belper, Willington, Ilkeston and Matlock.

Anyone with any geographical knowledge of the area, will realize that these are mainly old mining towns, that have suffered greatly since the 80s and before, as the counties once thriving industries, were decimated.

I have added a few of the shows to my shows page, but there are plenty more to be added in the coming weeks.


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