We Are All Palestinians.

Hi all.

I felt the need to write a wee blog…

Over the last month or so, Israel has attacked Gaza, an enclave the size of the Isle of Wight, home to 1.8 million people, many of them refugees, with over 50,000 shells.

Israel has killed over 1500 people, 85% of them civilians, and 300 of them, children.

It has attacked ambulances, hospitals, universities, schools, power stations, and worst of all, UN shelters, sheltering refugees.

The UN sent coordinates of its UN shelters SEVENTEEN times to the IDF, yet the IDF still bombed it. Now I am sure the UN thought that by sending the coordinates, they were protecting the children, and families, taking refuge there. They were doing just the opposite. They were telling Israel where to bomb.

Israel is targeting civilians, and brave ex IDF soldiers have testified to this being the norm, in the past.

Israel wants Gaza, and it wants the West Bank. In Zionist ideology, they are promised, by God™, that the land from the Sea to the Euphrates is theirs. Gaza, is part of that land. So, ironically is a large portion of Egypt, the Country that refuses to open it’s border and allow Palestinians to flee the bombardment.

Israel will not stop, unless stopped, until it has everything it believes it is promised by God™.

In the last few weeks I have been bombarded myself with tweets and messages from people that have a problem with my support for the Palestinians.

Here are a few common themes:

“You are being anti semetic!” – Mmm. Kind of tired of this one, as it is the blanket response whenever Israel (Fourth biggest army in the World) gets called out for attacking a population, without an army, in an open air prison, with billions of dollars worth of ammunition. Well, bad news, Palestinians are also semites, so that blanket response it fatally floored. Must try harder.

“Why do you care about Muslims when you aren’t even Muslim?” – I don’t need to answer this, but I will. Because I am a human, with a heart, and a soul, and a conscience, and morality. I don’t need a religion to know that killing is wrong. The irony being, that religions actually have rules against killing, yet they kill in the name of religion. But this is about land more than religion. If Christians were the majority in Gaza, they would still be in the firing line.

“Hamas is to blame, they use human shields and hide rockets in UN centres!” – Hamas was formed in 1987. While I don’t agree with what Hamas does, and has done, they are a resistance. Israel has massacred Palestinians, and stolen land for 40 years, before Hamas was even formed. So as with the ‘Anti semite argument, it kind of falls at the first hurdle.

The BBC (Most pro Israel news corporation outside the USA and Israel itself) has sent reporters that have all said that they found NO evidence of human shields whatsoever.

The UN has backed up the BBCs claims of no human shields, and has also stated that there were no rockets in UN shelters.

Mr Netanyahu’s fabrications are just that, fabric, perishable under questioning.

“They are both to blame! What about the terror tunnels?” – No, they are not both to blame. The British Empire gave the land of Palestine to the Rothschild family, to form the state of Israel. They took a land where Muslims, Christians, and Jews, lived peacefully for hundreds of years, and turned it into a racist, open air prison, where anyone but  an Israeli Jew is a second class citizen, and treated like an animal.

Israel controls what goes in and out of Gaza. It is blocked by Israel, the sea (that Israel patrols) and Egypt. Israel controls how much food goes in, based on calories per head of population. Let me say that again. ISRAEL CONTROLS THE AMOUNT OF FOOD ALLOWED IN GAZA, BASED ON THE AMOUNT OF CALORIES PER HEAD OF POPULATION.

It is 2014, not the dark ages…unless you are Palestinian.

The ‘terror’ tunnels are how Palestinians ‘smuggle’ supplies into their land. Little things like clippers for barbers, have to come through tunnels. Imagine that? I have a pair of clippers in the bathroom. I use them to shave my bollocks, but a barber has to have them smuggled through tunnels?

“Stop sharing these images, they make me sad!” – Good. Congratulations, you are a human. You have passed the test with flying colours. But would your vitriol not be better aimed at the following people… Israel for dropping the bombs, the USA for supplying the bombs, the UK and other World leaders (apart from South America) for supporting the killing, and most of all in this instance, the media, for not reporting the truth? Do you honestly think I would be spending my days on twitter, looking and sharing images that have made me sob on countless occasions, images I will never scrape from my eye balls until the day I die, if the media was reporting it? Do you think I would spend £100 travelling to a protest in London if the media was unbiased in it’s reporting of the genocide? I do it because I have to. If you want it to stop, make a difference yourself. Write to YOUR MP, boycott Israel YOURSELF, and protest YOURSELF.

It is pathetic that I have to even explain the fact that I stand with Palestine.

It is pathetic that as Palestinian supporters, we have to focus on the killing of women and children, because in the Wests eyes, a male adult muslim could not be possibly be viewed as an innocent.

But the fight is deeper than all that I have said. It is deeper than all of the religion, and the history, and the land grabbing, and the rockets, and the media. It is about oppression.

I was in London on Friday for the protest, and a chant rang true to me.

“In our millions, in our billions; We are all Palestinians”. My god™ ain’t that the truth?

Every single day of our lives we fight against injustice. We are lucky if it’s just a bastard traffic warden. “Thirty quid!? I was 2 minutes mate!”

The injustice of the Palestinians has gone on for 66 years and still they refuse to bow. They refuse, in the face of death, torture, and starvation, to give up what they stand for, and the justice they so desperately seek, and deserve.

What an incredible inspiration to all of us.

In fact, I take back my previous statement; we are not all Palestinians. We should all aspire to be Palestinians.

The fight will not end. Not while there is a breath of air in the lungs of us that know what is right.



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