Gareth Icke is a singer/songwriter, author, personal trainer & former international beach soccer player based in Derby, England.

Here is a bit about him.


Gareth is currently working on his third arts council project with local Derbyshire musicians. They aim to take the arts of music, poetry and spoken word into the former mining villages and towns of the once thriving county. The idea is to make it more accessible to the young people, that have been seemingly been left behind as the industries, and therefore opportunities have evaporated.

To check out their next show or workshop, check out the shows page.

Gareth has just released a six track EP called ‘Industry of Lives’. The record was massively influenced by his Arts Council work in the mining communities of Derbyshire. The EP was recorded in Scotland with his former touring partner and producer, Jono, and fellow musician and friend Stephen Turvey Wright. The record is quite a change from his usual sound. Have a listen here. 

His third album, 3, was released in June 2016. To buy a copy, click here.

In 2016/2017 Gareth performed the record across the Globe, with shows in the USA, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Estonia, Holland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Canada, Croatia,  Czech Republic, and the UK.

The  album was played for the first time at the O2 Brixton Academy in London.

It is received great interest because it was recorded in the frequency of 432hz instead of the usual 440hz.

Prior to release he had been touring the new material acoustically across the UK and Czech Republic, as well as at his second Wembley Arena performance, in October.

Gareth’s second album, A Brand New Battle, was released by Manchester based label, Eromeda Entertainment.

You can purchase the album by clicking onto the Shop.

The first single off the album, titled ‘Remember Who You Are’ was greatly received and has already racked up over 225,000 hits on You Tube. To watch the video, check out the media page.

In 2013, after he performed at the Isle of Wight Festival, he was approached to perform on The Voice, an ITV Music talent show. He turned it down.

He instead, embarked on a 14 date tour of the Scottish Islands. A tour that he repeats regularly.

“Gareth Icke is a talented young singer/songwriter who writes well crafted songs of deep intelligence and sensitivity who has been making a name for himself on the grass roots circuit.” John Robb, Louder Than War

“This man has the world in his hands, and I for one wouldn’t count him out of world domination, he is that good.” Sonic Observer

“The post punk pop (of Remember who you are) is a well produced showcase of Icke’s talent as a songwriter, not only is the melody one that wouldn’t sound out of place on national radio but the song is musically quite playful, employing pauses, breakdowns and a bridge that Coldplay or U2 would be proud of.”  Vectis Radar

A bitter sweet album full of emotion and thought provoking lyrics, Gareth proves here that he is a major emerging songwriter, his music can stand up against the biggest names in the industry.Cool Manchester

A Brand New Battle was recorded on the Isle of Wight at Studio 5a.

In 2012 Gareth played the Bestival, the Isle of Wight Festival, and a massive 6000 people sell out show at Wembley Arena.

He had struggled to tour until the summer of 2012, after suffering a horrendous double broken leg while playing football. After surgery and months of rest, Gareth was ready to get back on the road.

Gareth was a founding member of the rock band Kody. He played several tours and Festivals across the UK and also, a two week tour of America where the band achieved a large amount of their success. The band split and Gareth became a solo artist in 2008.

The band did briefly reform to record two new tracks in the spring of 2017. You can hear them by clicking here.

You can also download the best of Kody album by clicking here.

In December 2009, he released his debut album ‘It gets worse at night’ through Icon Records. The 10 track album was recorded and produced by Dan Swift (Kasabian, Snow Patrol, Aqualung) and received great reviews upon its release.

“his voice is both soothing and plaintive and moves most powerfully when the music falls back into the quietude of simple guitar picking for accompaniment; creating the kind of ambivalent tension reminiscent of a Lord Byron poem or a David Sedaris essay. Even when he’s singing about the kind of loneliness that gets worse at night, there’s a strange hopefulness in his voice that reassures things will all work out alright in the end.” – Jasmine Anderson , Biocritics.

“The problem with being a failed musician is that whenever you find yourself listening to pure talent you feel jealous and perhaps a little nauseous as you realise that you’ll never be that good. As a failed musician, when I listen to Gareth Icke, I feel like I’m in the throes of death…..but it’s a happy death.” – Alex Baker, KERRANG!

Gareth has toured tirelessly over the past few years taking him far a field. He has played Top festivals including The Isle of Wight festival, The Bestival, Secret Garden Party, Switzerland’s Blueball Festival,  Norway’s Quart Festival, The Festival Scene Des Brassage & Festival Sors De Chez Toi, both in France, as well as many UK tours.

The records opening track, ‘It Feels Like A Race’ was championed by radio stations all over the Country including Kerrang Radio, BBC 6 Music and Steve Wright’s Afternoon show on BBC Radio 2. The songs music video has now reached over 75,000 youtube hits.

Gareth was regularly headlining top London venues such as the Borderline, South of the Border, The Dublin Castle, and The Barfly. In 2010, Gareth completed a national UK tour, a ten date tour in Germany and played two great festivals in France. He also completed his 4th Liberty Tour along with Alan Frew and Jono. The Liberty Tour is a collective of the best independant acoustic artists. It puts them together and sends them out on tours across Britain and Europe.


In 2011 Gareth started writing his first book, How NOT to be a rock star. The book is about the trials and tribulations of being in a failing punk rock band, called Kody.

There are plenty of biopics about success, but very few about failure.

The stories is ‘How NOT to be a rock star’ will have you laughing and crying in the same breath. All the stories are 100% true. Fact is indeed stranger than fiction.

Whether it be accidentally killing a drunk in South Wales, or being surrounded by armed gunmen in London, the book will have you engrossed.

How NOT to be a rock star is available now.

To purchase the book, click here.

Beach Soccer Player.

Gareth Icke was an England International Beach Soccer player from 2004 – 2010.

He has earned several caps representing England in front of live TV audiences all over the World.

Gareth has played against the best players in the World.

He has done articles for 442 magazine, the Daily Star and had his music featured on the titles of Nuts TV Beach Soccer show.

Unfortunately a double broken leg has ended any hopes of playing again in the future.

Personal Trainer. 

Gareth is a level 2 qualified fitness instructor, and a level 3 qualified personal trainer and a level 3 GP referral qualified trainer, working freelance in Derby, England.

If you would like to contact Gareth regarding fitness programs, or personal training click the contact page.