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Live At Studio 5A (EP) (Released 2020)

1. Souls Of Kevlar

2. It Only Takes A Day To Forget

3. Trojan Horse

4. Hit The Wall

5. A Beer In The Sun

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Industry Of Lives (EP) (Released 2019)

1. Action Over Hope

2. Red Brick Heart

3. Campfire

4. Little French Cars

5. My Favourite Summer

6. Be Your Second Wind

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Campfire (Single) (Released 2018)

1. Campfire

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3 (Album) (Released 2016)


1. Man On Fire

2. Get Your Love On

3. Jura

4. Route Of Least Resistance

5. John

6. The Island

7. Take It Off

8. I Will Row

9. Wade In

10. Let The Light In

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Get Your Love On (Single)

All money from this single will be donated to Gaza.

Get Your Love On

1. Get Your Love On.

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Get Your Love On (Chillstep Remix by Jono(Single) Released 2014)


1. Get Your Love On (Chillstep Remix by Jono)

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Beat Up. (Single) (Released 2013)


1. Beat Up.

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What’s Love Without Meaning? (Single) (Released 2012)

1. What’s Love Without Meaning?

2. Remember Who You Are (Acoustic)

3. Elephants Don’t Eat Seeds (Live)

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A Brand New Battle. (Released 2012) (Lyrics)

A Brand New Battle

1. Adrianne.

2. Remember Who You Are.

3. Satellites & Wires.

4. Beat Up.

5. A Brand New Battle.

6. Paint The Town Red.

7. Colours.

8. Jenny.

9. Don’t Say It.

10. What’s Love Without Meaning.

11. Growing Pains.

12. Sleep With The Girl.

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Remember Who You Are.  (Single). (Released 2012)

Remember who you are

1. Remember Who You Are.

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It Gets Worse At Night. (Released 2009)

1. It Feels Like A Race. (Click title to listen)

2 A Common Cold.

3. Same Old Story.

4. We Hide In Caves. (Click title to listen)

5. It Beats A Drum.

6. I Will Write.

7. Croyde Bay Holiday Park.

8. No One Will Ever Come Close Enough.

9. It Gets Worse At Night. (Click title to listen)

10. We Age Each Other.

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How NOT to be a Rock Star (Released 2012)

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Featuring Gareth Icke…

We Were Kody.

13 Years On (E.P.) (Released 2017)

1. What this is, is what we give.

2. Loves giving it, hates taking it.

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Find Your Way Home (Released 2011)

Find Your Way Home

This album was produced by the Forever Searching Charity for missing children. It features several artists from all over the UK.

It includes Gareth Icke – It Gets Worse At Night. (Click title to listen)

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