Remember when talking about an EU army was “a dangerous fantasy”?

Several of us warned that an EU army was on the agenda during the run up to the 2016 EU referendum. Hell, even Jean Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission had previously spoken about it. It was an open secret. Unless you’re Nick Clegg, that is.

The prospect of an EU army is a very real fear for many British people. After all, having British men and women sent off to fight and die for the whims of an unelected foreign power, is something that doesn’t sit comfortably with many of us. And nor should it.

During the referendum campaign the pro remain crowd were very vocal in dismissing the EU army concerns as baseless fear mongering. I suppose they had to take a break from calling everyone that wanted to leave, a racist, and so focussed instead, on sweeping their genuine concerns under the carpet. As they did with countless other fears regarding the ever growing power of Brussels.

The most vocal of these remainers was former Lib Dem leader and deputy PM, Sir Nick Clegg. Sir Nick Clegg? Jeez, they just hand knighthoods out to anyone these days, don’t they?

When asked about the EU army, Sir Nick said:

“I actually so happen to think that Jean-Claude Junker and Nigel Farage are both dangerous fantasists when it comes to this issue. It’s not going to happen, it doesn’t matter whether Nigel Farage says it’s going to happen or Jean Claude Juncker…he [Juncker] can’t create a European army,”

And yet, despite these dangerous fantasies, that will never materialize, here we are, just two years down the line, and the EU army is not just a very real possibility, but a near certainty. The reason given for such a force being needed, is an obvious one. The Russians!!!

If you want something, blame the Russians. Want to increase your military budget? Blame the Russians. If you want to double down on surveillance? Blame the Russians. If you want to slash internet freedoms and the ability of the alternative media to operate? Blame the Russians.

That is exactly what the EU are doing. Greasy haired loudmouth Guy Verhofstadt is rarely one to keep his unwanted opinions to himself, and on the subject of the EU army, the EU’s Brexit coordinator is acting no differently.

He’s been calling for the joining of 28 armies, into one European army, for some time. In November he said:

“I’m not sure if the Russian army comes towards our borders, we are able to defend ourselves”

German Chancellor Merkel has now taken the EU desires for a joint military to the next level.

‘Angela Merkel has hailed a new Franco-German friendship treaty as being a step towards the creation of a future joint European army.

The German Chancellor said the pact, inked in the German city of Aachen today, aims to build a ‘common military culture’ between the two countries.

In a speech during the ceremony, Merkel insisted the treaty ‘contributes to the creation of a European army’.

Merkel also said that as France and Germany seek closer political, economic and defence integration, they should also work on a ‘joint military industry’.

Sometimes these so called conspiracy theories are actually conspiracy fact.

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