Walking Through An Alternative History Documentary Series.


Some of you may recall that I was putting together a documentary series, at the start of the year. Obviously since then, the planet went certifiable, and everything was put on hold. Fortunately I am able to get started on developing the series, but without the benefit of as much planning time.

Here is a brief description of what I’m trying to do…

I will be walking different routes around the UK, visiting sites of different historical importance, and talking to researchers.

Most, if not all documentary series like this one, have a select few historians, who tend to stick to their learned history. The kind you’ll find in textbooks approved by the state, and repeated as fact for generations. I’m more interesting in the theories that question them.

Here are the dates for filming, the routes and landmarks we’re looking to cover.

Walk One – August 7th – Stonehenge to Avebury

Three interviews

  • Stonehenge 
  • Pewsey White Horse
  • Avebury

Walk Two – August 10th – Isle of Wight

Three interviews

  • Culver Down
  • Carisbrooke Castle
  • The Needles

Walk Three – August 12th – London – Whitechapel to Globe Theatre

Three interviews

  • Whitechapel
  • Parliament
  • Globe Theatre

Walk Four – August 17th – Derbyshire – 9 Ladies to Buxton

Three interviews

  • 9 Ladies                          
  • Arbour Low
  • Buxton (Solomons Temple)

Walk Five – August 19th – Warwick Castle to Coventry Cathedral

Three interviews

  • Warwick Castle                         
  • Kenilworth Castle
  • Coventry Cathedral 

Walk Six – August 26th – Hadrians Wall

Three interviews

  • Housestead Roman Fort        
  • Cawfield Quarry
  • Brampton Roman Fort

If you are a historian/researcher and would like to be involved with the series, please drop me an email at gareth.icke@ickonic.com.


Taking No Deal Brexit Off The Table Only Weakens Britain’s Ability To Negotiate

If I walk into my local car dealership and I say “I want a car and I am not leaving here without one”, what kind of a deal do you think I am going to get off the salesman?

I would wager, not as good of a deal as if I said “I like your cars, but if I can’t find one at a satisfactory price, I am more than happy to nip across the road to another car dealership, and see what kind of deals they’ve got available”.

By saying I am not leaving here without a car, I am taking away all the risks from the salesman, and I am giving away any ability I have to barter for the best deal possible. He knows I’m buying a car off him. I have already surrendered that fact.

The UK Labour Party, by demanding that a no deal Brexit is taken off the table, has walked into the dealership, and handed over all the power to the salesman, or rather the EU.

If you believe the mainstream media in the UK, a no deal Brexit would only harm the UK economically and send the nation back to the dark days of rationing, empty supermarket shelves, and nuclear bombs in public toilets.

Not only are they not mentioning the trade deals with the rest of the world, that the UK would be free to negotiate once out of the European Union, but they’re also not mentioning the negative impact that a no deal Brexit would have on the EU itself.

According to Reuters, a no deal scenario would cost the EU $250 Billion in lost economic output and over a million jobs across the bloc.

Reuters findings are based on IMF (International Monetary Fund) figures.

The IMF predicts that European Union countries will suffer long-term damage equivalent to about 1.5 percent of annual economic output if Britain leaves without a free trade deal.

Now, back to the car dealership.

The hit to the EU is quite a bargaining chip when it comes to securing future trade deals and a smooth transition. The EU’s annual growth rate currently sits at around 2 percent, so a no deal Brexit would all but wipe that out.

By removing the possibility of a no deal Brexit, the Labour Party are taking away any real reason for the EU to partake in a fair negotiation with the United Kingdom.

Essentially, they are walking into talks with Theresa May’s government, risk free.

A no deal scenario must always remain on the table until a deal can be agreed that satisfies both parties.

The thinking behind Labours demands, is anyone’s guess, but I don’t imagine they are blind to the logic behind my car dealership analogy. So it leaves one wondering if it is part of a longer term strategy to secure a second referendum, and ultimately overturn Brexit all together.

Given the Labour heartlands voted overwhelmingly to leave the European Union, Mr Corbyn will ignore their will, at his peril.

Remember when talking about an EU army was “a dangerous fantasy”?

Several of us warned that an EU army was on the agenda during the run up to the 2016 EU referendum. Hell, even Jean Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission had previously spoken about it. It was an open secret. Unless you’re Nick Clegg, that is.

The prospect of an EU army is a very real fear for many British people. After all, having British men and women sent off to fight and die for the whims of an unelected foreign power, is something that doesn’t sit comfortably with many of us. And nor should it.

During the referendum campaign the pro remain crowd were very vocal in dismissing the EU army concerns as baseless fear mongering. I suppose they had to take a break from calling everyone that wanted to leave, a racist, and so focussed instead, on sweeping their genuine concerns under the carpet. As they did with countless other fears regarding the ever growing power of Brussels.

The most vocal of these remainers was former Lib Dem leader and deputy PM, Sir Nick Clegg. Sir Nick Clegg? Jeez, they just hand knighthoods out to anyone these days, don’t they?

When asked about the EU army, Sir Nick said:

“I actually so happen to think that Jean-Claude Junker and Nigel Farage are both dangerous fantasists when it comes to this issue. It’s not going to happen, it doesn’t matter whether Nigel Farage says it’s going to happen or Jean Claude Juncker…he [Juncker] can’t create a European army,”

And yet, despite these dangerous fantasies, that will never materialize, here we are, just two years down the line, and the EU army is not just a very real possibility, but a near certainty. The reason given for such a force being needed, is an obvious one. The Russians!!!

If you want something, blame the Russians. Want to increase your military budget? Blame the Russians. If you want to double down on surveillance? Blame the Russians. If you want to slash internet freedoms and the ability of the alternative media to operate? Blame the Russians.

That is exactly what the EU are doing. Greasy haired loudmouth Guy Verhofstadt is rarely one to keep his unwanted opinions to himself, and on the subject of the EU army, the EU’s Brexit coordinator is acting no differently.

He’s been calling for the joining of 28 armies, into one European army, for some time. In November he said:

“I’m not sure if the Russian army comes towards our borders, we are able to defend ourselves”

German Chancellor Merkel has now taken the EU desires for a joint military to the next level.

‘Angela Merkel has hailed a new Franco-German friendship treaty as being a step towards the creation of a future joint European army.

The German Chancellor said the pact, inked in the German city of Aachen today, aims to build a ‘common military culture’ between the two countries.

In a speech during the ceremony, Merkel insisted the treaty ‘contributes to the creation of a European army’.

Merkel also said that as France and Germany seek closer political, economic and defence integration, they should also work on a ‘joint military industry’.

Sometimes these so called conspiracy theories are actually conspiracy fact.

Ask Mural if she’s anti-Semitic

I confess, when it comes to street art, I’m a bit of an amateur. I’ll walk past the odd bit of graffiti near my home, and might stop for a brief moment, but that’s about all the interest I have.

Call me old fashioned, but I prefer my art in a frame, above a mantel piece, and without the nauseating smell of stale urine abusing my nostrils.

So when I saw Kalen Ockerman, commonly known as Mear One, trending across social media, and in the UK press, I honestly had no idea who he was.

All I did know, if I was to believe what I was reading, was that he was an anti-Semite. He’d also managed to get Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, in a spot of bother.

In 2012 he painted a mural on a wall in Brick Lane, London. The piece was titled “Freedom for humanity” and depicted a group of elderly bankers or businessmen sitting around a board game that resembled Monopoly. The table was supported by crouching naked human figures. Above the group was an illuminati pyramid symbol, and to the side stood a protesting figure bearing a placard with the slogan “The New World Order is the enemy of humanity”.

It seems from a quick google search that Mear One received a fair bit of criticism at the time, as some people thought he was symbolizing Jewish people around the table, and that it resembled the kind of anti-Jewish propaganda found in Nazi Germany. It caused enough drama for Lutfur Rahman, then Mayor of Tower Hamlets, to demand it’s removal.

It appears that this is where Mr Corbyn made his fatal error. He clearly didn’t feel it was anti-Semitic and so 8 years ago, commented on Mear One’s Facebook post, that he felt the mural should remain.

Apparently Jeremy Corbyn’s support of Mear One’s ‘anti-Semitic’ art was so disgusting and offensive, that it’s taken SIX YEARS for anyone to be vocal about it. It just happens to be a few weeks before the local elections, but that. little coincidence is probably better saved for later on.

Corbyn has inevitably come out and made a grovelling apology. I’m not overly sure why, but it’s what politicians do. That apology has not been accepted, however, and now groups like the CAA (Campaign Against Antisemitism) are calling for a demonstration against the Labour leader on April 8th, in London.

It all feels a bit over that top to me.

I know anti-Semitism accusations against Corbyn are nothing new. It seems anyone that speaks out on behalf of the Palestinian people, is due a good old dollop of the anti-Semite slur. Again, that’s probably another coincidence that’s best left for a bit.

I took a good hard look at the artwork and tried my best to find any anti-Semitism in there. I even asked the fine people of Twitter what they thought made it racist. The only answers I seemed to get were that the old men “looked Jewish” because “they had big noses”.

So all Jewish men have big noses? That’s an odd assumption. What about the Romans? I thought they had big noses? Given you can marry into a Jewish family, how can that physical characteristic continue across the whole Jewish community, generation after generation? Of course it’s a nonsense, I have Jewish friends, and they don’t have big noses. If anything, the assumption that it’s anti-Semitic because they have big noses, could be considered anti-Ssemitic in itself.

It’s a very loose link to anti-Semitism. There must be something else to it.

“It’s because they are bankers”.

In an interview Mear One said that the images of the bankers were inspired by the Rothschild’s, Rockefeller’s and Morgan’s.

The Rothschilds! There we have it, that’s the anti-Semitic part. The Rothschild’s are a major Jewish banking family. But then I thought about the other two. The Rockefeller’s and the Morgan’s are both Christian families. Mear One was inspired by one Jewish banking family, and two Christian ones?

Again, I’m scratching my head. But as I keep checking what people are saying, this story isn’t going away. People are incensed by it.

I dig and dig and this is literally the whole of it. It’s anti-Semitic because the bankers “look Jewish”, “have big noses” and he mentioned the Rothschild family.

See for me, the bankers in the mural don’t look Jewish. They just look like six old white guys. There isn’t a Kippah on any of them. No black fedora’s in sight. So if it is meant to portray some form of Jewish dominance over humanity, the artist has kind of missed a trick.

Old men have big noses. Take a look at your Grandads nose next time you see him. Noses and ears continue to grow, and a condition called rosacea, which causes the tip to become bulbous, is very common among older gentlemen. It’s a burden that I myself will have to embrace, and I’m not, to my knowledge at least, Jewish.

I didn’t really want this to turn into a biology lesson, but I thought it was important the nose part was dealt with.

So now we come to the Rothschild part. As I mentioned earlier, Mear One mentioned three banking families as part of his inspiration. So why are we ignoring the Rockefeller’s and the Morgan’s? Are we ignoring them because they AREN’T Jewish? If so, for what possible reason is there for that glaring omission? Are some people trying to find anti-Semitism in this, whether it is there or not?

For me, it’s one of four scenarios.

1. People believe that Mear One is an anti-Semite. Perhaps because of prior artwork, or comments he’s made, they feel he holds an anti Jewish stance, and with that in mind, he almost certainly means the bankers to portray Jews.

Now this may be the case. I don’t know the guy. I have contacted him to see if he is interested in an interview, to give his side of the story. Hopefully he will oblige and we’ll be able to get a little more depth to the situation.

2. The local elections are coming up, and a positive showing for Corbyn’s Labour will almost all but put the nail in the coffin of any of the Blairite back stabbers. They have wanted him gone since before he was even elected leader, and judging by Stephen Kinnock’s reaction to Labours fantastic General Election showing, they would rather remain in opposition than lead the Country under Corbyn.

This wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest. In the last weeks his own party members have lambasted him for daring to ask for evidence before throwing the kitchen sink at a nuclear powerhouse, in the wake of the Skirpal poisoning. Evidence we are yet to see, I might add.

3. The Israeli lobby are trying to smear Corbyn as they are terrified of him coming to power. His pro Palestinian stance would be a major stumbling block for them. The UK is the always unquestioning Allie when it comes to the Israeli regime, and they won’t want that to change.

This one will probably be the one out of the four that is filed under “conspiracy theory”. However, lets not forget the Israeli lobby have form when it comes to undermining pro Palestinian MPs. The Al Jazeera undercover documentary “The Lobby” showed how Shai Masot, an Israeli embassy official has been caught on camera in an undercover sting plotting to “take down” MPs regarded as hostile, including foreign office minister Sir Alan Duncan, an outspoken supporter of a Palestinian state.

Masot said that Corbyn was “Crazy” and that he had set up a youth-wing of the Conservative Friends of Israel in 2015 and wanted to do the same inside the Labour Party, but had been unsuccessful because of the “crisis” surrounding Corbyn’s election as leader.

4. Certain people are above criticism because they are Jewish.

This is perhaps the most alarming of the four scenarios. Why is any negativity towards the Rothschild family any different to negativity towards the Rockefeller family, or the Morgan family? Why is anyone above any scrutiny because of their religion or family heritage?

Not all Jews are bankers that have caused unknown heartache to the poor and working classes. That should go without saying, in the same way that not all Muslims support ISIS and want to take over your neighbourhood with calls to prayer and force your daughter to wear a hijab. Not all Catholics support pedophile priests and forcing young girls to have babies they don’t want or can’t care for.

But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be allowed to criticize those Muslims and Catholics that do support the things I just mentioned. The same should, in my opinion, go for the Rothschild family.

For these reasons, I am still at a loss when it comes to finding anti Semitism in the artwork of Mear One. All I see is rich bankers playing with unreal wealth, amassed on the backs of hard working people across the World. That’s not racist, that’s historically accurate. Isn’t it?