G and Tippers Theme!


This weeks show was meant to be a solo affair. Tim is in Spain making love by the pool, so I figured I’d be all on my todd. But I was wrong! This weeks show will instead be very very crowded!

The line up is as follows.

Moi, Steve, Roger, Rich & Turlough.

Our themes are a bit personal too. Valentines Day tales, favourite ‘Power Ballad’ but more importantly, we want to know about your FIRST TIME. No holding back. We want the details. Tweet us at www.twitter.com/gandtippers

Add that to some phone pranks, World record attempts, discussing the links between fat people and paedophiles, and god knows what else, and you’ve got a radio show.

www.vectisradio.com from 7pm Tonight. And don’t forget, you can also listen on your phone by downloading Tune In Radio for free.

G x


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