Quitting G & Tippers Show…

Hey all,

For anyone that is a regular listener to the G and Tippers radio show, you’ll have heard me quit last night. It wasn’t a spur of the moment thing and it’s not something I will regret doing.

Tim will carry on as usual, either as the Tippers show, or with another co presenter. So make sure you continue to tune in.

The last few months have been a real chore and I’ve actually dreaded 7pm every Thursday. When we started the show, in January 2011, I felt like we could grow and grow and become something significant in the World of radio. For the first few months that appeared to be happening, but after a while, I felt it plateaued, and then slipped backwards.

The direction of the show felt like it was drifting away from where I wanted it to go, and it almost felt like it was becoming samey and just another radio show.

We used to be in trouble every week for overstepping the mark. Now we’re rarely in trouble. That bored me. You can’t be a pioneer in anything, without over stepping the mark.

One day I may get back into radio, but first I need to get my own house in order. I am busy with a million different things, and the distraction of the radio show has become less and less welcome.

Thanks to Vectis Radio for giving us the show. And I hope, with some new blood, it can get back to where it was, and further.

Peace. x

Relocation, relocation…

Hey all,

This is my first blog update from my new home. Not that that’s a particularly big achievement. They do have electricity, wifi and laptops up here, so it’s really just as simple as before.

I am up in Derby now, so hopefully, once my leg is healed, it will be a lot easier to tour. I have the whole Country pretty much on the doorstep, with no need for boats and crap.

The leg is healing ok and I’ve managed to spend a fair bit of time in the gym. I’m basically just swimming as I can’t do much else at all. But still, it gets me out the house and keeps me sane(ish).

Tonight is the first G and Tippers Show since I have moved. It’ll be a bit of a bodge job at first until we get to grips with the new set up. Mind you, it’s the bodge job part that listeners seem to like!

This weeks themes are as follows…

Ultimate dinner party? You’re allowed 6 guests. 3 alive, and 3 dead. Who would they be? And why?

Best/worst image you ever had? We all had a dodgy image when we were younger. Let us know what your worst one was, or indeed, what was  the one that made you look ‘swell’?

Tweet us @gandtippers and let us know!

See you at 7pm www.vectisradio.com.


Tomorrows G & Tippers Show…

Hey all,

I’m back in the studio this Thursday after a month away with a broken leg. It’s still broken obviously, but now it’s full of metal, I’m ok to get into the studio.

We’ve got a few new features including a brand new phone prank called ‘the interrupting Spaniard’. All will be explained on air, but he probably looks a bit like this guy.

This weeks themes are…

What is your favourite sports team, and why? Every one has a favourite team. Whether it be football, Ice hockey, Rugby or Curling. Do they have Curling teams? Probably in New Foundland or somewhere like that.

Why do you support them? Did you live near the stadium? Do your family follow them? Or did you support the rivals of your ex’s team, just to piss them off?

If you won the lottery, what’s the first thing you’d buy? Would it be a massive, outlandish purchase like a Ferrari? Or would it be a pack of gum to freshen the breath before telling the Mrs it’s over?

What is your wedding first dance song? If you’re married, what did you have as your first dance? If you’re not, what do you want? If you’re a guy, accept that you’ll never have the one you want. After all, it’s ‘her day’. But if, in a magical World, relationships were actually equal, what song would you like?

Tweet us and let us know!

This Thursday on Vectis Radio from 7pm.

Tune in. x


G and Tippers first live music show!

Hello all!

This Thursdays G & Tippers Show is a first ever live music show. We have the wonderful Jono flying down from Glasgow to play live in the studio.

Jono will be playing the tunes that made him a favourite with BBC Radio DJs and fans across Europe, as well as some new unheard songs from his new album.

In honour of our guest, the show will don a Scottish theme. This means…

Loads of Scottish music.

Scottish challenges. (How many shortbreads can you eat in a minute?)

Prank calls to Scottish people.

Plus, we want you to tweet your ‘Englishman, Irishman, and Scottishman’ jokes.

I know the Irish tend to be the punchline in those jokes but A. We can’t offend Jono TOO much. And B. I couldn’t think of anything else.

Get your tweets in to www.twitter.com/gandtippers.

Check out Jono and his music at www.meandmyguitar.com.

7pm Tomorrow at www.vectisradio.com.



G and Tippers Theme!


This weeks show was meant to be a solo affair. Tim is in Spain making love by the pool, so I figured I’d be all on my todd. But I was wrong! This weeks show will instead be very very crowded!

The line up is as follows.

Moi, Steve, Roger, Rich & Turlough.

Our themes are a bit personal too. Valentines Day tales, favourite ‘Power Ballad’ but more importantly, we want to know about your FIRST TIME. No holding back. We want the details. Tweet us at www.twitter.com/gandtippers

Add that to some phone pranks, World record attempts, discussing the links between fat people and paedophiles, and god knows what else, and you’ve got a radio show.

www.vectisradio.com from 7pm Tonight. And don’t forget, you can also listen on your phone by downloading Tune In Radio for free.

G x


This weeks G and Tippers theme!



This Thursdays show sees the return of the G and Tippers record breaking attempts!

In the past we’ve come very close (Bananas), equalled (17 eggs in one hand) and set World records (500 straws up the bum).

It’s been a while and at last I’ve found one that I am certain I can smash. It’s eating obviously. Stuffing my face seems to be the only thing I’m good at these days. Well, that and moaning.

A young man by the name of Joe Wright owns the World Record for most M&Ms eaten in one minute, using only his right hand. It must be hundreds I hear you cry! Nope. Fifty nine. That’s easy!!! Another G & Tippers World Record is very much on the cards.

Tune in to www.vectisradio.com to listen and you can also watch the attempt at www.stickam.com/vectisradio between 7pm & 10pm British Time this Thursday.

Our themes for the show are…

Closest you’ve ever come to death.

Favourite film.

First kiss.

Get your tweets into us at www.twitter.com/gandtippers. You can also email us at gandtippers@vectisradio.com.

There will also be some pranks and wind ups. You know the drill.

Tune in this Thursday from 7pm.

Shnarf. x


The G and Tippers Show…

Hello everyone!

Last weeks show was great. Really nice to have so many new listeners in one week. I hope you enjoyed the experience!

This week we’re back with another belter show full of banter, quizzes, prizes, prank calls, good music and the odd use of the word ‘gash’.

The themes this week are as follows…

Your favourite person of all time? And why?

School memories. How bad were you?

Awkward sexual experiences?

Get your tweets in to @gandtippers and let us know!

Don’t forget to tune in from 7pm British time at www.vectisradio.com.



This Weeks Theme!

Hello everyone!

You remember when the G and Tippers Show only had one theme? Me either. That was the past, this is now. Move on people!!!

Tomorrows three themes are…

Celebrity crush you’re scared to admit.

Worst lie you’ve ever told.

Best way to die.

Tweet us @gandtippers or email gandtippers@vectisradio.com. We want your tales!!!

Also, we’ll have the shite joke of the week, pranks on listeners and I get the feeling…we might just see…the return of…

Chris & Rafael!!!

Tune in. 7pm. Vectisradio.com.

Word. x


Happy New Year!!!

Hello everyone!

I hope you had an awesome New Years!

I went as Gary Glitter and Tippers went as a 100 dollar bill. As you do.

Thursday night is the first show of a brand new year, and we want to get off with a bang!

All your favourite features will be there.

Quizzing against a listener for some bloody awful stolen prizes.

Shit joke of the week.

The 5 steps game. You have to get from 2 seemingly unrelated topics in no more than five steps.

For example, Karl Pilkington to a vacuum cleaner. They seem unrelated…but…

Karl went down route 66 on an Idiot Abroad 2.

Route 66 goes across the United States of America.

The United States is policed by the FBI.

The former head of the FBI was called J Edgar Hoover.

A hoover is the most well known brand of vacuum cleaner.

There you go. It’s fun.

The themes this week are…

Best covers. (What are your favourite cover versions? Mike Flowers Pops does Wonderwall?).

Losing virginity. (Who or rather what took it and where?!)

New Years Eve stories. (What happened and that?)

That should be enough to be getting on with huh?

Tune in this Thursday from 7pm til 10pm at www.vectisradio.com.

Do it. G


New Album, Alex Lloyd & Movember…

Hey folks,

I hope you are all splendidly well.

I have finished the tracks for my new album. On Monday, I start the vocals. Should be finished with them within the next 3 or 4 weeks. Then a quick mastering and it’s all finished.

I haven’t worked out a running order yet but the tracks I have laid down are…

Jenny, Satellites & Wires, Colours, Remember Who You Are, A Brand New Battle, What’s Love Without Meaning, Paint The Town Red, Beat Up, Growing Pains, Don’t Say It, Adrienne & Sleep With The Girl.

I don’t have an album title yet but I’ve been using the working title of ‘The Non-Delivery Boy’. It seems that in my late twenties I’ve realised that as a footballer, musician & ice hockey player, I promised much, but never quite delivered. So I guess the title is a tongue in cheek dig at myself.

I can’t wait for you to hear the record. It does sound great. Totally up another level from ‘It gets worse at night’. As long as I am getting better and not worse, I should be pleased right?

As soon as the record is done and released, I’ll be back out on tour across Europe and across the UK. I’ll keep you posted.

Tonight is Thursday night. That means one thing. The G & Tippers Show. On tonight’s festivities is the legend that is Alex Lloyd. Massive MASSIVE artist from Australia. He’ll be pitching his wits against yours truly in the G & Tippers quiz. I hope I won’t let my fellow English down!

Also, check out my Movember efforts. I think you’ll be quietly impressed.