I chatted with Fanos in Australia, today. Despite the tech!

Brand New WTAF, ‘Right Now’ Feature and The Climb Premiere…

Will Greenwood was forced to pay over £2000 upon his return from Zimbabwe, to spend 11 days locked inside a quarantine hotel in London. 

He shared the footage with Right Now. 

Watch the full episode at 7pm Friday at ickonic.com

Right Now Australian Special…

This week’s Right Now is dedicated to the disturbing situation currently unfolding in Australia.

Our all-Australia line up of guests include:

Naomi Cook – Nurse and Activist (Australian Correspondent) Eve Fisher (Journalist) Goran Dojcinovic (Photographer) Whistleblower Dr. Fanos Panayides (Podcast Host)

We’ll be discussing the latest news from the country and what the mainstream media refuse to report. Catch us at 7pm (UK time) on Ickonic.

This weeks ‘Right Now’…

Full episode available at 7pm UK at ickonic.com

This week on Right Now: Gareth speaks with Australian Pilot Graham Hood about his recent resignation following the ‘no jab, no job’ mandate, DJ and Journalist Mark Devlin also joined along with actor and writer, Gregory Paul Martin. Whistle-blower Nurse ‘Judy’ discussed what she’s seeing in A&E regarding mental health & vaccine damages and John O’Looney came back to talk about the number of vaccine deaths he’s seeing in his funeral home.

I chatted to Sons of Liberty this week…