Live Kody Tracks…

Hey guys,

Here is an old Kody song, that our old roadie, Taffy, managed to stumble upon.

My pal Tim has put it up on his Soundcloud account.

It’s obviously rough as it came from a digital camera at a show at West One Four, in London.

We’re probably drunk, so go easy on us!

If you’ve bought the book, How NOT to be a Rockstar, and wondered what Kody sounded like, here you go.

Enjoy. x

Sonic Observer Review.


A brand new fight ? The difficult second album ? Nah not a bit of it…..
Step blinking into the light Gareth this album sparkles and breaths long needed life into the singer/songwriter generation.
From the beautifully crafted  ‘ Adrienne‘ and throughout this album Gareth proves he is a writer and musician more than worthy to his cause.
It’s just great anthem rock n roll ” Beat up” draws you in and keeps you close so tight and brilliantly delivered.
What Gareth does so so well is tell you this song is from the heart and his delivery is so well done..Crisp and clean and great to hear a musician enjoying what he does even in the angst of ” A brand new battle” .
With sticks and stones and for many reasons this album makes me happy and gives me hope…
It just has a great feel about it I love the vocals on ” Paint the town red” it has a vital feel.
This man has the world in his hands and I for one wouldn’t count him out of world domination he is that good.
Sweeping through a wonderful landscape that is ‘Brand new battle’ Gareth opens up his heart to the wonderful climax of ‘ Sleep with the girl‘ this man wears his heart on his sleeve and for that I salute him and for so many other reasons in a world of X Factor crassness i believe there is hope.
It’s a truly great album got me up and dancing around and got me thinking, is that not what great albums do ?
Looking forward to your next battle Gareth so far so very very good indeed.
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You Tube Channel…

Hey folks,

I’ve been writing a fair bit recently, and putting songs together for what will be my third album.

They’re rough at this stage, and I won’t be back in the studio to lay them down, until next year.

But I’ve been recording some rough live demos of them, on my mobile, and posting on my Youtube channel.

I’d love to hear what you reckon of them.

My channel is


On Stage With Steve Conte…

Hey folks,

On Thursday I went to see the legend that is Steve Conte. He was playing with his band Steve Conte & The Crazy Truth.

Steve emailed me just before the show asking me to learn ‘Pills’ by his original band, the New York Dolls.

The NY Dolls are renowned for being one of the most influential punk bands of all time. So obviously, I was shitting myself, and downing Budvar like it was going out of fashion.

Here is a video my Mrs took on her dog and bone.





Isle of Wight Festival Slots…

Hey everyone,

I’m lucky enough to once again be on the bill, for the Isle of Wight Festival.

I have two slots confirmed, with one or two more to be finalized.

I’m performing on the Life’s A Beach Stage, sponsored by Boxfresh.

Lifes a beach

I’ll be playing at 5pm on Friday the 14th June, and again at 2pm on Saturday the 15th.

The stage is great, with sand being imported to create a beach, with deckchairs, cocktail bars etc.

As soon as I know any more about other performances at this years festival, I’ll let you know.


Derby Acoustic Show, & Scottish Island Tour…


I have an acoustic show at the Pitcher & Piano is Derby on Sunday. It’s a nice chilled out afternoon show, with my mates Steve, and Ollie.

It’s totally free and kicks off about 5pm. If you’re bored on Easter Sunday, and fancy a beer, pop in. It’s on Friar Gate.

I have a real taste for playing again after last weekends Hampton Court show. It’s been killing me having to sit on my arse, for what feels like forever.

I’m booking up a Scottish Island tour at the moment with my wee pal, Jono. It’s been a bit of a nightmare. This morning I had a phone slammed on me.

I think the English accent is a bit of a turn off. I may have to affect a Scottish one when I call up again.

We have shows on Skye, South Uist, Islay & Tiree.

Fingers crossed.