Music Video.


I am off up to the smokey metropolis we call London on the 9th of Feb, to start work on a music video for ‘Remember Who You Are’, The song was written to go alongside the release of my Dads book, of the same name.

The video will be shown on a massive screen behind me and my band when we play at Wembley Arena in October. Yes, you did read that correctly, Wembley Arena.

The idea for the video is wicked. It’s really thought provoking and interesting. I do hope you’ll like it!

I’ll get it up here as soon as I can. x

This weeks G and Tippers theme!



This Thursdays show sees the return of the G and Tippers record breaking attempts!

In the past we’ve come very close (Bananas), equalled (17 eggs in one hand) and set World records (500 straws up the bum).

It’s been a while and at last I’ve found one that I am certain I can smash. It’s eating obviously. Stuffing my face seems to be the only thing I’m good at these days. Well, that and moaning.

A young man by the name of Joe Wright owns the World Record for most M&Ms eaten in one minute, using only his right hand. It must be hundreds I hear you cry! Nope. Fifty nine. That’s easy!!! Another G & Tippers World Record is very much on the cards.

Tune in to to listen and you can also watch the attempt at between 7pm & 10pm British Time this Thursday.

Our themes for the show are…

Closest you’ve ever come to death.

Favourite film.

First kiss.

Get your tweets into us at You can also email us at

There will also be some pranks and wind ups. You know the drill.

Tune in this Thursday from 7pm.

Shnarf. x


The Album Is Done!!!


At last my second album is complete. It still needs mastering and mixing but as far as recording, our job is done.

Now I just need to sort out an album title and get it released and out into your eardrums.

The mixing and mastering shouldn’t take long at all so I’m looking for a release around the end of March.

One track off the album, ‘Remember Who You Are’ will be released well before that. I had a meeting in London on Friday to put together ideas for a music video to be released on YouTube by the end of February.

While the record won’t yet be for sale, it’s quite a cool way to advertise it’s release and get some interest around the internet. Well, that’s the plan anyway!

This is a self release and while that’s amazing because I get the record to sound how I want it to, it’s also down to me to sort everything else out.

Once it’s released, I’ll piece together a tour and hopefully come and play somewhere near you.

Until then, stay lucky. x

The G and Tippers Show…

Hello everyone!

Last weeks show was great. Really nice to have so many new listeners in one week. I hope you enjoyed the experience!

This week we’re back with another belter show full of banter, quizzes, prizes, prank calls, good music and the odd use of the word ‘gash’.

The themes this week are as follows…

Your favourite person of all time? And why?

School memories. How bad were you?

Awkward sexual experiences?

Get your tweets in to @gandtippers and let us know!

Don’t forget to tune in from 7pm British time at



This Weeks Theme!

Hello everyone!

You remember when the G and Tippers Show only had one theme? Me either. That was the past, this is now. Move on people!!!

Tomorrows three themes are…

Celebrity crush you’re scared to admit.

Worst lie you’ve ever told.

Best way to die.

Tweet us @gandtippers or email We want your tales!!!

Also, we’ll have the shite joke of the week, pranks on listeners and I get the feeling…we might just see…the return of…

Chris & Rafael!!!

Tune in. 7pm.

Word. x


Happy New Year!!!

Hello everyone!

I hope you had an awesome New Years!

I went as Gary Glitter and Tippers went as a 100 dollar bill. As you do.

Thursday night is the first show of a brand new year, and we want to get off with a bang!

All your favourite features will be there.

Quizzing against a listener for some bloody awful stolen prizes.

Shit joke of the week.

The 5 steps game. You have to get from 2 seemingly unrelated topics in no more than five steps.

For example, Karl Pilkington to a vacuum cleaner. They seem unrelated…but…

Karl went down route 66 on an Idiot Abroad 2.

Route 66 goes across the United States of America.

The United States is policed by the FBI.

The former head of the FBI was called J Edgar Hoover.

A hoover is the most well known brand of vacuum cleaner.

There you go. It’s fun.

The themes this week are…

Best covers. (What are your favourite cover versions? Mike Flowers Pops does Wonderwall?).

Losing virginity. (Who or rather what took it and where?!)

New Years Eve stories. (What happened and that?)

That should be enough to be getting on with huh?

Tune in this Thursday from 7pm til 10pm at

Do it. G


Album finished tomorrow…

Hey guys and gals,

I hope you had a lovely Christmas. Mine was blurry, but thems the rules in England.

I’m in the studio tomorrow to finish the album. I’m excited and nervous at the same time. I really hope you like it!

Next year will be a good one. I can feel it.

Have a great New Years Eve. Be safe. Make love not war.